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Create Again

Want an abundance of creativity?

abundance of creativity

Creative motivation is built on a foundation of practices and understanding yourself. Creativity is not something that can be taught concretely. That sounds rather vague and not creative at all, right? Wouldn’t it have been easier that I just tell you to read this one book and you will be dreaming in rainbows? The truth…

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Art therapy is ‘officially’ healing

Although professional therapist have known for years, art therapy is ‘officially’ healing according to the World Health Organization. I’ve written in depth about art therapy here. So if you want to know more about the basics, please check that post out. The World Health Organization or WHO recently released recent studies of art therapy forms.…

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Angel Wing Paintings Series

Why Angels? Why am I compelled to create so many angels and angel wing paintings? Without getting too religious, angels have been in our consciousness for centuries. Particularly mine for over a year now. I’ve always loved angels figuratively and the idea that the entity is a well meaning soul assistant to my righteous path.…

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Creating a Scare Crow (scarecrow)

Creating a Scare Crow (scarecrow) was a super fun project that will ultimately raise money for the schools in our area. If marketing tactics could be this fun, I’d do it as often as possible. I did spend a little in materials and quite a bit of time, so hopefully it will pay off. I…

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Creating Mandalas for Stress Relief

create mandala for stress relief

Sacred Geometry / Mandalas What’s the two and are they the same? Essentially yes. Mandalas is the most widely used term for what are fundamentally sacred geometry symbols. Mandala is a Sanskrit word which means “sacred circle.” Sanskrit is the language of the Vedic religious text in ancient India. The Vedas are what formed the…

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The New Me ~ In progress

Several of my blog post like this one, I speak of my personal journey. They hone in on the past. For the most part, I’ve dealt with my past. I’ve lived it, and relived it over and over. I’m done with that. Now, I’m focusing on the new me ~ in progress and my future…

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