Heather Christian Iglesias


Artist . Gardener .  Teacher .  Writer

Mixed Media Artist / Recreation Therapy BA, Psychology Minor / US Army Female Veteran

As a passionate creator, I have found solace and comfort in my art and in writing during the most challenging and stressful moments of my life. From painting to journaling, drawing, crafting to upcycling, and even furniture restoration, I have discovered that the act of creating has a therapeutic effect that often cannot be expressed through words alone.

Art has become a crucial part of my self-care routine, serving as a coping mechanism to help me thrive. I am driven by my love for the creative process and the joy that it brings to my soul. I believe that everyone has a creative spark within them, waiting to be ignited. That’s why I am dedicated to sharing my knowledge and techniques for using art and creativity as a form of therapy. 

With a background in recreation and from my own very personal experiences, I am well-equipped to guide others on their journey to unlock their inner creativity that heals their souls. So why not join me on this exciting journey and discover the power of art as a form of therapy? Let’s awaken the creative spirit within and elevate our wellbeing to new heights.

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