Heather Christian Iglesias

The Creator

Painter . Gardener .  Upcycler .  Writer . Spirit Soul Seeker

Mixed Media Artist / Recreation Therapy BA, Psychology Minor / US Army Female Veteran / Psych-K Facilitator

I listen to my Creative Spirit Soul to create art that heals.

During hard and immensely stressful times, I have always been intuitively drawn to art in some form; painting, drawing, crafting, furniture restoring and basically anything creative. It’s been therapy that I sometimes cannot even express in writing.

Although I have a few other modalities to keep me sane and centered, my art has become my coping mechanism to thrive. Being creative is my ‘essence’ of life! I love to share my tools and tips to use art and recreation as therapy.

My background has propelled me to share what lifts my creative energy and what heals my soul.

Let me help you stir up those creative feelings buried inside of your soul!

We are all connected and we all cross each others paths. Glad it was today. Please feel free to leave me a comment.

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