Welcome to Create Again, a site dedicated to all things creative. I want to encourage you to take every opportunity to create any and all aspects of your life. You will find a small library of articles about the creative process from projects to recreation therapy. At this time, unless otherwise stated, I write all articles on this blog. However, if you are looking to submit your writing, I am now open to guest posts on these topics. Please read and get a feel for the blog before contacting for a sponsor or guest post.

More about Heather

I’m Heather, a passionate creator that has found solace and comfort in my art, and in writing, during the most challenging and stressful moments of my life. The act of creating has a therapeutic effect that often cannot be expressed through words alone. I am an Army Veteran and educated in Recreation Therapy, of which both have pushed and pulled me into a life that understands, wholeheartedly, the power of creating. I am driven by my love for the creative process and passion to inspire creativity. I believe that everyone has the innate creativity, like a butterfly that just needs time to awaken.

Hans Hofmann quoted “artistic creation is the metamorphosis of the external physical aspects of a thing into a self-sustaining spiritual reality.”

We are all connected and cross paths in some form. I’m so happy we did that today! Leave me a comment on social media to let me know you stopped by! You can also find me on Creative Heather

Soldier, Rec Therapist , New Me, Muralist