AI the end of ART

Is AI the end of art?

Artificial intelligent art is more of a temporary slowing of art and the business of commissions. Everyone, even artist, are trying out AI. It’s the newest fascinating trend, similar to digital art when it first began. The difference is a human-less aspect. Each filter will almost always render you a fascinating abstract-like digital image. That also depends on what prompts are put into the system. AI art will even give you a somewhat realistic image depending what you choose.

I most certainly use AI art because it gives me amazing reference photos. I didn’t go to art school so I don’t know how to “properly” paint, so I paint what I see. Now with that being said, I love to intuitively paint, which is not looking at anything. However, AI allows me to try and loosen up my subject by looking at loose abstract images. The images sometimes render other worldly and intriguing backgrounds or subjects that I recently like incorporating into my paintings. Not to mention, photos for this blog.

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Here is a large painting I have created for my living room. I solely painted and created it, however some of the subject was inspiration from a AI art images. I pieced images together on a computer program. I’m currently debating partly using AI art to finish my book. I wrote the book nearly two years ago, but have not yet tried to get published. I’m finding it difficult getting the time to complete it with my illustrations alone.

Now with all of the good that artist can use AI art for, there also many downsides. First being about the commissions mentioned in the opening. Writers spend thousands of dollars to have their book illustrated (for example). Why would they hire when they can get computer generated images? Ha. Just try it. Even being very specific of what words you input, you’re not going to get consistent or very reliable images. It may create one perfect illustration, but render you a thousand that look like they are from a different universe. You can’t make a book with that.

Take a look at my one of my many logos. Yes, it’s partly created with AI art. But again, I put it together digitally by hand.

My biggest complaint and what you are seeing now in the news from many popular artist, is copyright infringement. Some of these artificial intelligent art companies are straight up stealing artists styles and images to make their programs. This is despicable and must stop now. Many honest artists can tell this is happening. Always, always ask for written permission if you reference someone’s photo or art. Never, never use an image that isn’t creative commons. Keep those two things in mind and you won’t get sued.

Style is is a gray area. You have to use your best judgement but research the heck out of it. Some artist have a very specific style that they have been using forever. If your research shows no one else really has that very detailed style, color, etc.; still proceed with caution. If you like the style of someone’s work, try it out, but you’d better put your own spin on it, or risk copyright infringement. It will devastate me if someone just outright steals my artwork.

Most importantly, there’s no intrinsic value in producing artificial intelligent art. No therapeutic value especially. We are creators by nature. Without touching, smelling and being totally enthralled in the art process, just, isn’t, real art.

Is AI the end of art? No. However, until laws catch up to these companies, it’s like the wild wild west of art. Art that comes from a computer program and that has not been physically created by a human will loose it’s value eventually. At the end of the day, people that respect and honor art work, do so because of the relationship with the artist. People typically like people and the art they create!

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