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Angel Wing Paintings Series

Why Angels?

Why am I compelled to create so many angels and angel wing paintings?

Without getting too religious, angels have been in our consciousness for centuries. Particularly mine for over a year now. I’ve always loved angels figuratively and the idea that the entity is a well meaning soul assistant to my righteous path.

The anatomy of wings is also an interesting element of their embodiment. Things with wings alone, are majestic in nature, but attached to a human figure is a wishful fantasy. Yet, somehow they convey a nurturing approach.

Angels are shrouded in mystery that pique my interest. Legends of spirits, aids to God, birth and death deliverers, and guardians are among my favorite portrayals, even if they are conditioned imageries.

Possibly only one of those definitions explain why I’m alittle obsessed with Angel’s lately. So let me explain how I keep it sensible and not let limiting beliefs, like imminent death, stop me from creating them.

Today, my interpretation of why angel wing paintings are a daily recurrence for me, is that this time is a great transition and acceptance.

After years of life’s major changes and experiences including neglect, deployment, children, near death, marriage crisis, moving, careers, lack thereof, I was emotionally depleted.

Finally, I had a revelation after having to close a newly opened business. I ultimately lost thousands of dollars, time and energy.

So, in the back of my sensitive mind, everthing about that time, almost completely flipped my world upside down.

But miraculously it didnt.

It is the perfect time to be the artist I always imagined I could be. Not only that, but I can devote more time for myself.

Many angels are helping put in all in perspective. I don’t want to be void of spirituality anymore and I loathe the feeling of defeat. Above all, I want to be mentally free and have a clear perspective on what is most important in life.

Change in my mind isn’t happening overnight. I actively seek out renewal in the way I think, feel and ultimately am. I ask God for tools to help me overcome so many things that hold me back in life.

As a result, I’m on a never ending conscious journey and right now, Angel’s are on my side.

Are angels with you?