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Balloon Puddle Pour Painting

All the craze right now in the fluid art world is the balloon smash paint pour technique.

It’s pretty fun, bacause as the title states, you get to use a balloon! Yes, sounds funny to someone that may have never created a poured painting.

Fluid artist will use just about anything to paint with, that may create unusual movement in the paint. You can see more about acrylic pour painting here.

With the balloon dip or balloon smash painting, first create puddles of paint randomly around. Then dip the balloon bottom into the paint, pick it up and essentially stamp it onto a clean surface.

The look most are going for is flowers. When you lay a base coat down first onto your canvas the balloon will pull up the bottom color mostly in the middle.

Theres no right or wrong way, and I’ve even seen where some just like the circular look.

Anyway you observe it, it’s fun! Give balloon puddle pour painting a try. See my video for more in depth look at how I achieved this look.

Balloon Smash Pour Painting Technique

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