Branch Boho Wall Hanging

When you want to create, but don’t have enough resources, this branch boho wall hanging with vintage book pages as feathers is easy to create with upcycled material. It’s nearly free and if you are already the crafty type, more than likely, you already have these materials.

If not, nature is just outside, so take your family for a hike! My family likes to pick up sticks and cool looking branches while we are out walking. Branches make a great craft material for little ones and adults alike. The other things you will need is book pages. Old vintage books, that are in abundance at thrift stores, can have a second use.

Instead of creating book page feathers, you can also use long strips of ribbon, lace or cloth. Although I don’t have a picture, I once created two huge backdrop curtains with streams of ribbons on a branch. It wasn’t cheap, but that’s another idea to create something different.

Painting branches with sections of colorful designs what gives in interest and gives them a tribal look. They are adorable pieces to hang over your windows in a play area and in any imagination station.

So, this is how you create your branch boho wall hanging :

  • Find a branch that you like and clean with alcohol.  If not already dried out, this will help with that process.

  • Paint it!  This is the fun part because you can use any color or designs your heart desires.  I chose a tribal looking design. Allow time for it to dry.
  • Now it’s time for your book feathers.  I used an old (not really special) book that’s dated that I often use for crafts.  These can sometimes be tricky because the pages can be bridle.

  • You will need a template from the computer of a feather that you like.  Trace and cut out two sides for each feather.
  • Cut long strings for the feathers to attach to branch. Use any type of string. You can adjust the length later when tying to the branch. So again, make them long.

  • Lay your string between the two vintage paper feather pages to sandwich and glue the string down.  In addition, if you have pipe cleaners, you can use them to add volume to your feather.

  • Tie your leftover to the top of the branch along with your hanger twine.  I chose to tie at each end and used just a dot of hot glue to keep in place.

I’d love to hear and see what kind of natural material you’ve upcycled for a branch boho wall hanging. Connect with me on my social platforms.

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