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Create Again

An Introduction to Art Therapy

Art therapy is the use of creative art as a means of expression for rehabilitation and personal development. Art therapy was developed in the 1940s by the artist Adrian Hill who developed the technique by working informally with patients in sanatoriums and hospitals. During the Second World War artists employed in hospitals used his techniques…

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Cost of Acrylic Pour Paintings & Fluid Art

Not surprisingly, I have found a new love of art. Creating fluid art has become my new passion for many reasons in which you can read here. If you’re thinking, what is acycrlic pouring? It goes by many names and forms such liquid or wet painting and puddle painting. Subcomponents are called funnel paintings, flip…

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Create Art for Self Help & Care

create art for self help and care

You’ve probably heard of art therapy and its benefits of treatment for various ailments, but did you know that you can create art for self help and care? Self care is defined as the deliberate and self-initiated act of preventive care. Preventive measures to cope with daily life are things like sleep, eating healthy and…

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Olga from Smart Art Materials

I love like minded artist! One of my many fellow creatives that I aspire to is Olga Soby from Smart Art Materials. I started following Olga on YouTube. She’s a great influencer in the acrylic pouring industry. Olga has quite the following and you can see why here. Her incredible paintings are what first piqued…

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Acrylic Painting Swipe – Froggy Ride

acrylic painting swipe froggy ride

If you haven’t seen any of my acrylic pour paintings, I encourage you to look at some of my to YouTube videos.  Doing an acrylic fluid painting is extremely freeing. One sure way to start creating again is to try pour painting or like this acrylic painting swipe – Froggy Ride. I  drew this cute…

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The ‘Power Spell’ Painting

What does one do, when they finally get back to doing what they love? They immediately start thinking of others.  I write that kind-of jokingly.  I’m back at creating and thoroughly enjoying myself in the process. My 12 year old son, thankfully, knew what he wanted and gave me the idea for this piece, the ‘Power…

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