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Create Again

Stress Relief with Painting Therapy

Painting therapy is one of the safest and cheapest ways to relieve stress on your own. No therapist office today, just you and some art materials for a quick release. Hopefully in trying this method of painting will help to relieve stress. This type of painting is similar to intuitive painting that is a process…

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Color Therapy with Coloring Therapy

Color therapy with coloring therapy is an intuitive and healing art form. It’s an easy way to release stress and some of those awful feelings built up inside. Particularly during these difficult times in our world today, we need a healthy way to relieve negative emotions. Please see a certified therapist or go to a…

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Art therapy is ‘officially’ healing

Although professional therapist have known for years, art therapy is ‘officially’ healing according to the World Health Organization. I’ve written in depth about art therapy here. So if you want to know more about the basics, please check that post out. The World Health Organization or WHO recently released recent studies of art therapy forms.…

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Creating Mandalas for Stress Relief

create mandala for stress relief

Sacred Geometry / Mandalas What’s the two and are they the same? Essentially yes. Mandalas is the most widely used term for what are fundamentally sacred geometry symbols. Mandala is a Sanskrit word which means “sacred circle.” Sanskrit is the language of the Vedic religious text in ancient India. The Vedas are what formed the…

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The New Me ~ In progress

Several of my blog post like this one, I speak of my personal journey. They hone in on the past. For the most part, I’ve dealt with my past. I’ve lived it, and relived it over and over. I’m done with that. Now, I’m focusing on the new me ~ in progress and my future…

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Simple, Fun & Creative Ways To Suppress Stress

We love the idea of taking care of your self while creating. This article gives you several ways to be creative while suppressing stress. Finding yourself stressed out by that infinite to-do list? Overwhelmed by the chores, errands and obligations that never seem to end? Constantly exhausted from running morning till night trying to cram…

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Create Your Inner Artist in 2020

create your inner artist

Why do you want to be an artist? Really, what’s an artist mean to you? How do you create your inner artist in 2020? For me, my own personal goal in 2019 is to create the artist I’ve always dreamed of becoming. I crave a new creative life. I want to narrow down my talents…

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Meditation Painting

I have just recently opened my world to meditation painting. I’ve been doing it unknowingly for many years. I would get so into abstract painting and the flow, that I would loose regard as to the outcome of the painting. And that’s exactly what the healing powers of meditative art is, losing yourself, or letting…

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When your Art is a Premonition

Alone in the desert, naked with a rifle. This was not an experience or a horrifying imprint in my brain that was a result of escaping a tortorous capture or fleeing from a combat shower. In 2004, when I found out I was to deploy to Iraq, I started to paint as a way to…

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An Introduction to Art Therapy

Art therapy is the use of creative art as a means of expression for rehabilitation and personal development. Art therapy was developed in the 1940s by the artist Adrian Hill who developed the technique by working informally with patients in sanatoriums and hospitals. During the Second World War artists employed in hospitals used his techniques…

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Create Art for Self Help & Care

create art for self help and care

You’ve probably heard of art therapy and its benefits of treatment for various ailments, but did you know that you can create art for self help and care? Self care is defined as the deliberate and self-initiated act of preventive care. Preventive measures to cope with daily life are things like sleep, eating healthy and…

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Create Yourself Again – The First Step

The only thing left to do is create again or re-create some aspect of our lives. We have to renew and rethink our strategy. If we choose not to create again, the opposition is to destroy or die.

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Documentaries & Books that Have Helped Me Over the Years

Documentaries and books that have helped me over the years along with new information I always seek out are suggested for you. You can find them in audio or book format. I’ve come and gone through spiritual paths and awakenings. I’ve allowed myself to open up long enough to be enlightened and receive tools along…

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Bring Order to Your Life


These days, everyone’s life contains excessive stress, deadlines, and responsibilities. One excellent way to make things easier on yourself is to ensure that you get some order in your life. Meaning, you should create a schedule for your time so that each day doesn’t feel so chaotic. Whatever plan you come up with, keep it…

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Re-evaluating Productivity: 9 Personal Enrichment Habits That Reap Big Rewards

In today’s results-oriented society, getting things done is a top priority. But what many people don’t realize about productivity may come as a surprise: it’s not all work. In fact, some of the best ways you can be productive and feel rewarded have nothing to do with effort and output and everything to do with…

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How to Find Motivation and Stop Being Lazy in 7 Easy Steps

stop being lazy

Do you have a task you keep putting off, telling yourself and others you will do it later, or do it tomorrow? Have you noticed you simply cannot find the motivation and energy required to do much of anything? You are not alone. Most people experience these “lazy” days or weeks. However, you must beware.…

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How to Create a Relaxing Sanctuary to Help You Sleep

sleeping woman

Whether you have insomnia or find relaxing difficult, turning your bedroom into a haven of tranquility will help you get to sleep. Your surroundings affect how comfortable you are when you need to catch some z’s. If you try to rest in a unsettling environment, sweet slumber will escape you. Create a peaceful atmosphere, though,…

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5 Ways to Improve Your Quality of Life Right Now

create a change in your life

You’re in a funk. You need a change, but what do you do? If you’re like most people, you find comfort in routine. At the same time, a routine can make you feel bored, and in some cases, hopeless. If you want to change your quality of life, here are six ways to snap out…

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