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Cheapest and Easiest Wall Decor Ever

Do you love boho whimsical decor? Try this cheapest and easiest wall decor ever. I didn’t mention quickest in the title, but yes, it’s that too!!

I would love to sit down to paint something this fun, but unfortunately I don’t have that kind of time, so it’s not a painting.

If you guessed wall decals, you’d be right, but can you guess where I picked up these adorable wall stickers?

Dollar Tree! One if my favorite, go-to stores for my craft needs. They usually have a nice little section of wall decals, but never ones I’ve liked this much before. The boho or very nature tribal arrows¬† caught my eye immediately so I scooped them right up.

[blockquote align=”none” author=”Create Adventures for Yourself”][/blockquote]

This entire set up was a whopping 3 dollars! It covers an area of about 2 x 3 feet.

The – Create Adventures for Yourself – is a single decal and I purchased two of the same arrow decals.

I just had fun designing the feathers and arrows around the adventure saying by matching each side in opposing directions, doing two at a time.

So easy!! The cutest, quickest, and most inexpensive wall hanging I’ve put together to date!

This wall decor was a perfect addition to my daughters new play area I’m designing. See more of it here.

Make a feather boho type wall hanging here.

You must get yourself over to Dollar Tree and pick¬† up a few! Everything there goes quick, so don’t miss the chance to put together the cheapest and easiest wall decor ever!

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