Color Therapy with Coloring Therapy

Color therapy with coloring therapy is an intuitive and healing art form. It’s an easy way to release stress and some of those awful feelings built up inside.

Particularly during these difficult times in our world today, we need a healthy way to relieve negative emotions. Please see a certified therapist or go to a hospital if you are having suicidal or harmful thoughts.

Otherwise, grab some paper and crayons and release it all. Please feel free to watch the video.

My personal therapeutic session with coloring therapy was similar to going through the stages of grief by adding representing colors. I created anger, sadness, and acceptance works.

Color and its emotional connection are different for everyone. Our society and culture have embedded what colors mean for us. For instance, red is an alarming color. Think of a stop sign. The color of red can also represent love and passion.

Generally blue is for peace or a calming color. Yellow is an energy or friendly color. Green could mean freshness or growth. Orange for health, and purple shows royalty. There’s alot more science behind color psychology that you read here.

Crayons are a very basic medium that has a way of creating with innocence. It’s a balance of being truthful but not taking it too serious. It can remind us of childhood and our sincerity.

The goal is not the outcome so create intuitively without traditional art rules. Scribble scrabble, do exactly what that kindergarten teacher told you, you couldn’t do.

If that makes you uncomfortable try an adult coloring book!

Read another creative method for therapeutic benefits after giving coloring therapy a try.

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