Consistently Create

This year my focus is consistency. My goal is to go forward with the plan I’ve spent hours in preparing; Not only in creating art, but creating the life I’m most proud of. It’s absolutely critical that I consistently create what inspires and motivates me to be a better person for my emotional, physical and mental health.


The last several years haven’t been exactly dedicated for growth. It’s been on survival mode. As much as I’ve tried to expand, one thing was lacking, consistency.
Consistency in my business and in my personal life. A plan to move in the right direction for me and one that I want to stick with for my overall physical, emotional and mental health. One that I HAVE to stick to for my mental health.

I will say at times, I’m all over the place. I’ve never really been one short on creative ideas or actually going forward with them. The problem lies within completion. I don’t linger long enough to complete the plan. I get bored or burned out from hyper-focus and or anxiety the dream dies. I have to keep consistent with my outlook on life as well. Life consistency throws me curve balls, so we I must consistently straighten it out. Pick up the pieces and press on. I can do that when I’m are consistent.

Mostly, what I’m realizing is that often times when my hearts just not in it. Times like these, I have to therapeutically assess what’s happening in my thoughts. Try more creative motivation. Learn to let go of the all or nothing thinking: if I don’t like it in this moment, I must not like it at all. Just like one argument with someone, shouldn’t determine the overall health of the relationship, neither should your love and desires of an plan for your mental health either. 

To consistently create, I have to really think about what all entails through the beginning, middle, end and reflection. I wish you all of this and a happy consistent year!



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