Cost of Acrylic Pour Paintings & Fluid Art

If you are new to to acyclic pouring, it goes by many names and forms such as fluid art, liquid or wet painting, flow art and puddle painting. Subcomponents are called funnel paintings, flip cup painting, swipe painting, open cup pour and many more.

Fluid painting comes with a fairly high price tag. All art has a cost associated, but in particular the cost of acrylic pour paintings & fluid art will be more expensive than a typical acrylic painting because of additives and lots of run off paint.

Let me just say, it’s worth every penny to me, it’s my fluid art therapy.

So that you know the cost upfront, the break down and average cost of pour paintings and fluid is listed below, because watching and creating are two very different activities. Youtubers have made many years of mistakes and have gotten their consistency of paint down to a science.

Listed below are supplies I use for fluid art:

(I am not promoting the following products, but in clicking on the the affiliate links, I may earn a tiny fraction if you purchase. I only suggest products I use and like. ~thanks!! )

Necessities: Paint, cups, mixing sticks (tongue depressors), and canvases or surface.

Things you may want to include when the time is right:

Floetrol & Beginners mixing set

Americana Dazzling Metallics variety

Sergeant Art Metallics Acrylic Paint

16oz Squeeze Bottles w/lids Premium /Fresh Kitchen

Torch gun handheld

Palatte knife tools

Treadmill Silicone Lubricant

High gloss varnish / Liquitex

The prices are fluctuating greatly right now because of the market, so I have deleted average cost. However, initial prices for the basics: paint, medium mix, and canvases are upwards of a hundred dollars.

You can go cheaper or more expensive, but budget for at least $50 to $100. If you forgo the medium and just use water you can save a little bit of money as well.

Also, be prepared for a lot of waste when you first start acrylic pouring. Just start small and add supplies as you go along to lower the cost of acrylic pour painting and fluid art.

You may not like it after a while or you may become addicted! It was my addiction for awhile, you can read about that here.

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