Create Your Inner Artist

create your inner artist

How do you create your inner artist?

For me, my own personal goal is to create the artist I’ve always dreamed of becoming. I crave a new creative life. I want to narrow down my talents and hone in on the craft that truly brings me pleasure. But the ultimate goal is not getting intimidated and enjoy the highs and lows of becoming an artist.

When you receive your first recognition, award or commissioned art piece, it’s validation and a little euphoria realizing you can create art. If you have not yet experienced this, keep at it! You can create a new life and the inner artist you’ve always dreamed of with persistence.

What’s an artist mean to you?

First, forget the nay-sayers who claim to know what art is and is not. If you’re truly a novice to the artist community, you can gain some perspective on this debatable topic here. Visit museums, read books and seek out news of developing stories surrounding art. It’s important to note that Art History is the corner stone of the art world.

Why do you want to become an artist?

Second, get honest about the life you want to create as an artist. Will it be for fun, experimentation, for soul exploration? Do you want to have freedom of expression? There’s a great article from the Guardian that cuts through the misconceptions of being a artist, where there is no perceived middle ground, only successful or starving artist.

Most importantly, find your desire to be creative.

The best way to not only create your inner artist is to focus on your outward artist. You must gain the skills for your particular art form. Not all artists receive degrees, so there are other avenues for gaining knowledge on your craft or creative endeavor. Enroll in classes, join galleries, go to art shows and mostly practice, practice, practice.

A fabulous article to read for women to narrow down your focus of art is by Tara Sophia Mohr, an expert on womens wellbeing. This Huffpost article will help you look at this topic practically. (Finding your Inner Artist)

More importantly, to create your inner artist means there is also a freedom and therapeutic benefit that is little known to outsiders of the recreation and art field.

See more therapeutic benefits here.

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