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I’m excited to share my first children’s picture book, Creative Creatures, released August 1, 2023. Creative Creatures was born from many journal painting sessions. The adventurous story was developed while creating collage style carnivalesque creatures. It’s an imagination encouragement children’s book, that I’m sure will leave your children inspired to create.

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Reader’s Favorite gave five 5-star reviews.

About Creative Creatures

Flawless art does not exist! Imperfect art is how creatures are created. Many children at the pre-school and elementary school age are discouraged from drawing or creating art. Most children believe their subject should be enthusiastically and evenly proportioned.

In this mysterious but interesting world, the reader becomes part of the author’s journey of creating unproportioned creatures with silly oddities. Though not an activity book, Creative Creatures craftily empowers children to create unique carnivalesque creatures in a playful space. This children’s picture book about art, does encourage creativity through the use of different art mediums including collage and recycled materials.

As a rhyming picture book as well, it can be a fun, lyrical way to acknowledge that it’s acceptable to make art in any method and with any result. It can be read in school libraries and used by home schooled children to encourage creativity. Art teachers can use Creative Creatures to facilitate lessons or as a student guide to explore creating during free art time.

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Additional reviews:

Independent Review:

My children and I love your story! It’s original, captivating, and creative. You explain your creative process in a way that kids can understand, recreate in their own way, and build upon. I am an artist and I love everything about this book! Melissa H., Independent

This captivating picture book hooks readers with its whimsical charm and clever rhymes, inviting them into a world of unproportioned creatures and silly oddities. Abigail L., Librarian, NetGalley

A delightful and empowering picture book that ignites the spark of creativity in young readers. It fosters a sense of environmental consciousness by promoting the use of recycled collage materials. The vibrant illustrations beautifully bring the creatures to life, captivating the readers’ imagination. Sue E, Reviewer, NetGalley

This is a great read out loud for children and the art illustration. This book is so unique I love it. It makes a point that art is unique and is not meant to be perfect. Kelly G., NetGalley

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