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7 ways to get your creative juices flowing

Firstly, the word creative juices flowing is dated and weird I admit. Do we compare our desire of being creative to a river of thousands of smashed fruits? That’s the only rational explanation I can imagine besides the image.

Really, creative juices is a figurative term for all the crafty, artistic ideas flowing from us that we just can not wait to turn into reality.

If you’ve read some of my previous posts like creative abundance, you may understand my love for art and being creative has waxed and waned.

Although it may have been a gradual process, at one point in my life, my desire for art nearly dissolved completely because family life came first.

However, there’s no need to waist opportunities. With these simple 7 ways you can get your creative juices flowing.

Some of these sound so simple. Just give one or two a shot and see where it takes you.

1.) Don’t just peruse Pinterest. Actually pick one small attainable project and go for it. Even if it’s a terrible outcome.

2.) Photography – No, I’m not suggesting professional here. Just get outside and take photos of anything mildly interesting. You may be inspired to re-create it.

3.) Start coloring. Yep, it’s as simple as that. Check out this post on the therapeutic benefits of coloring. Similarly you can pick up a pencil and draw. More tips here.

4.) Go window shopping. Even better, check out your local art museums and shops.

5.) Go to a thrift shop and try to fix something up. Plenty of treasures are waiting to be found there. Check out my book, Think Outside the Big Box Stores.

6.) Listen to music for a few minutes. Stop everything, alone with no media, no driving. You get the point.

7.) More importantly, remember why you want to create in the first place. It will probably trigger your creative juices just thinking about it.

7 ways to get your creative juices flowing by create again / heather christian iglesias

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