Creative Motivation

Creative motivation is built on a foundation of practices and understanding yourself.

Creativity is not something that can be taught concretely. That sounds rather vague and not creative at all, right? Wouldn’t it have been easier that I just tell you to read this one book and you will be dreaming in rainbows?

The truth is there are cycles to creativity.

You and I are both actively creative at more times than others. You’re not always going to be motivated to create especially at monotonous times. Creative motivation manifest differently for each person. You have to find what gets you in the zone and what distracts you from creating.

Creative motivation manifest differently for each person. The timing and process should be in rhythm. Sometimes the conditions just don’t feel right. That’s when you need a plan in place to consistently create.

To create at optimal times, you also have to to find out what makes you motivated to want to create. Ask yourself these questions to dig deeper:

*First, you have to think of a time when you felt particularly motivated by the activity you were doing.
What was your drive?
Where were you?
What time of day or year was it?
Were you in solitude or with someone?
What was going on in your life?
Did you feel happy or excited?

*Secondly, find out what’s going on now, that you feel you feel unmotivated to create:
Is it fear?
Are you being self critical?
Are you overly concerned with what people think of your art? Read this.
Do you feel particularly wasteful?
Are you too preoccupied with the outcome?
Are you relaxed?
Is the subject or process encouraging?

*Lastly, and most importantly, make it a habit. Practice it every day or as often as possible and you will start to get in a rhythm. If you need inspiration read this.

Creative motivation to projected from realizing what gets you in the zone and what distracts you from creating. Answer the above questions and you will have a plan when you feel stuck in art.

There’s no one right or wrong answer, just what works for you!


The Art Therapy Soucebook by Cathy A. Malchiodi, ATR

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