Curtain Free Window Treatment

Who’s over curtains? (Me raising hand) Some rooms need a curtain free window treatment because of lighting issues or even allergies. Curtains block light and often are magnets for dust.

For three years now, we’ve been curtainless in our living space. Bedrooms, that’s a different story. There’s a need for curtains in our bedrooms, because no body wants to see this lady getting undressed.

Kidding aside, I am happier with blinds only. It’s open with light coming through and I don’t feel so weighed down. But, (always a but) I love decor and decorating! See some of my upcycled projects here.

So a cornice board or valance board is the perfect option. The trouble is finding what I dreamed of in my head; a carved wood cornice board.

I’m a sucker for carved wood. It’s expensive, I mean, real carved wood furniture pieces. I knew I wanted something amazing for a window treatment but couldn’t find anything on the market except one place for custom wood valances that were out of my budget.

I saw a few ornate cornice boards on Pinterest, but mostly fabric covered valances. So I came up a plan for a faux carved wood valance board.

The concept is pretty simple. Add carved wooden appliques to a flat wooden board. However, the trick is finding exactly what wooden applique designs I wanted that fit the board size.

It took me a couple of days to come up with a plan. Here’s a quick list of a few things I had to put together, before I even purchased anything;

1.) Need window measurements 2.) Decide what size (height) of the cornice board. 3.) Determine a size wood plank to best fit so that you can hang it from studs 4.) What type of wood 5.) What designs I wanted 6.) Determine how to fit them onto the board in a way to have balance to the windows. 7.) Lastly stay in a budget

Disclaimer: I am an affiliate of Amazon. Clicking on the link and purchasing I may receive a small fraction and one day pay for this blog. This is not a sponsored post. I only recommend things I use and love.

Things to purchase:

Wooden Plank (10ft 1″x10″)/ 2×4 / wood screws – local hardware store

Keyhole hangers

Wooden Appliques (I used)

The carved wooden appliques are endless in design and how you can composition them. I bought some from Etsy as well.

Check out the video for indepth look at how to create your own custom valance board.

Please feel free to share and let me know on social media if you decide to tackle this curtain free window treatment. You can complete it in a weekend!

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