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Create Again

Documentaries & Books that Have Helped Me Over the Years

Over the years I’ve come and gone through spiritual paths.  In times of my life; young, old, and dark times I’ve allowed myself to open up long enough to be enlightened and receive tools along my journey.  Often times, I slip back into old ways of narrow thinking and not being present while ignoring my intuition.

However, one thing that allows me to steer back to simplicity are my actions.  I’ve taken time to read books, listen to cd’s, educate myself and no matter how difficult it may have seemed in the moment I sat by myself and reflected.  My world will continue be to open as I allow my mind to open and grow and be present.

[blockquote align=”none” author=”Heather Iglesias”]It’s never too late to Create Again[/blockquote]

Documentaries and books that have helped me over the years along with new information I always seek out are suggested for you. You can find them in audio or book format.

*Below are affiliate links but I do not get paid to write or review them.  When you click on these and buy something, I get a tiny fraction, which eventually may help pay for this blog.   Thanks friends, hope this helps.

See a full personal review of How to Get Sh*t Done here.

More to follow.

Two passion writes from yours truly:

Lastly, I subscribe to Gaia TV.  Nearly all of the shows and programs I enjoy and appreciate. You can subscribe through the app and stream it on Roku.  I hope to write more about it in the near future, so check back if you’re into that sort of thing!