Fluid art is a freeing creative addiction

I guess if I was able to choose what to be addicted to, I’d choose fluid art.

Fluid art broke me of being a perfectionist with art and became a sort of fluid art therapy for me. I can thank myself now for binge watching fluid art vids on the tube.

Doing an acrylic fluid painting is extremely freeing. One sure way to start creating again is to try your hand at pour painting (another way to label it). There are different methods or techniques of pour painting world.

Fluid artist will use just about anything to create unusual movement in the painting. You can use upcycled material, but don’t be fooled the strainers and bottle bottoms, the cost can be high.

If you haven’t seen any of my acrylic pour paintings, I encourage you to look at some of my to YouTube videos listed below to see what method you may want to try.

Fluid swipes with silicone

Balloon smash / balloon dip

It’s pretty fun, freeing and again certainly a creative addiction. As the title states, you get to use a balloon! Yes, sounds funny to someone that may have never created a poured painting.

Balloon Smash Pour Painting Technique

With the balloon dip or balloon smash painting, first create puddles of paint randomly around. Then dip the balloon bottom into the paint, pick it up and essentially stamp it onto a clean surface.

The look most are going for is flowers. When you lay a base coat down first onto your canvas the balloon will pull up the bottom color mostly in the middle. There’s no right or wrong way.

Pour Painting with Embellishments

Controlled Pours

Hope you enjoy learning about different methods of pour paintings! This art helped me get back into creating full time. If you try it, just know fluid art is freeing creative addiction!

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