Hand Painted Tree Mural for the Play Area

Back to the fun and exciting part of redecorating! I decided to hand paint a tree mural for the play area to bring a sense of adventure to the space.  See another very simple idea for a play area here.

Here’s the before with all of the toys pulled out. It’s a perfect nook for a play area.  See this mural along with it here.

A mural in general can sound daunting if you’re not a typical painter. I paint all of the time, and my trees are not exactly garden’esque’.  I didn’t have a template, but I did peruse mural photos for a bit before tackling it. 

I saw a few tree murals that I liked and tried for a similar vibe.

I did not try to copy exactly becuase of copyright and I wanted them to be my own creation. Plus, just as in nature, no two trees are alike and perfect, so however they came out, it was meant to be. I’d like the ideas of woodsy and magical.

My advice for you that think you not artsy enough and you decide to create it, maybe pencil it in first.  After you draw the tree outlines, then go back over and paint.  Trees are basically straight lines with several crooked ones at the top. 

And remember, don’t try too hard, that would take the fun out of it.

It took me about 2-3 hours to complete it. I used 4 colors; black, dark grey, light grey, and white and layered them to create some depth. I used regular acrylic craft paint.

Handpainted tree mural by Create Again

There things you could do differently, like switch the colors, lighter in back and darker gray in the front, or make the branch span out wider.

Handpainted tree mural by Create Again

Try a hand painted tree mural on a small wall like this one. Worst case scenario, you have to paint over it.

Or if you would like to hire me to paint you a mural, I’m at your service in the Charleston, South Carolina area and would love to be your local muralist. I will also travel. Book me here.

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