Heal your Soul

Each Thursday through the beginning of 2022, I’m launching Heal your Soul, a video series of Creative Art Healing and therapeutic re-creation. It’s called Healing through Forgiveness with art journaling. One a week, on my You Tube Channel – Create Again with Heather. You can do one once a week for 8 weeks, or wait to do them consecutively, one a day.

By the end there wall be 7 stages of healing and with a maintenance phase. The 7 stages are honesty, integrity, humility, surrender, forgiveness, acceptance, faith and a bonus which is the maintenance stage. Each stage is a therapeutic method through creating art specifically designed by me to address these stages.

Getting real with yourself and identifying some the beliefs that hold us back. We subconsciously tell ourselves otherwise and stall the healing process. When you can identify them and become aware that you’ve unknowingly been carrying limited beliefs, you can begin to change or recreate how you want your true self to be. Read more here about beliefs.

Please remind yourself that art Journaling is about how you feel, rather than how you want it to look. It’s okay to want it to be pretty, so definitely use colors that speak to you and keep going until you’re mentally and emotionally satisfied.

Materials needed are: Mixed media paper, I have used acrylic here. You will need various paints and/or watercolors; paintbrush; markers, glue stick, old magazines or ads for pictures or wording for collage, scissors and time away for yourself!

Here is the link to the entire series of heal your Soul with art journaling.

watch the Intro video here to the Heal your Soul 7 stages of healing series. This explains all that you will need in-depth. I also explain that I am a Recreation Therapist and not a Psychologist. So please see a local licensed and certified Psychologist if you’ve experienced severe psychological, physical, sexual trauma and/or abuse! This is once sided. This is made for any stress, and self confidence and most other issues besides severe trauma.

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