How to Create a Relaxing Sanctuary to Help You Sleep

sleeping woman

Whether you have insomnia or find relaxing difficult, turning your bedroom into a haven of tranquility will help you get to sleep. Your surroundings affect how comfortable you are when you need to catch some z’s. If you try to rest in a unsettling environment, sweet slumber will escape you. Create a peaceful atmosphere, though, and you’ll soon enter the land of Nod.

Get rid of décor that overclouds the mind.

Like my Aunt always says, a cluttered house is a cluttered mind.  Begin by reducing clutter and donate items that aren’t useful, you dislike, or just don’t have room for.  Move on to those busy pieces that may jar your unconscious mind. People sometimes live with furnishings that create an uncomfortable atmosphere.

Once you’ve removed décor that reduces tranquility, consider what will add to your sense of calm.

A restful color theme will be helpful. Green promotes harmony and balance and suggests nature and wellness. Blue is calming and gentle. Violet and pink can also aid serenity, but choose hues that make you feel good. Too much of a single color or the wrong variation will be overpowering.


Decor to help you relax.

You don’t need a lot in your room, but what you choose to decorate with, make it minimal, relaxing and luxurious.  A good rule of thumb to remember, is the wisdom of Feng Shui when deciding what goes into your bedroom.


Decorate with rounded, organic features is soothing for the soul. Pointed objects, like the edges of square goods, disturb the mind, so soften them with material or make sure sharp edges aren’t aimed at your bed.

Decide on good placement when using mirrors. Your brain registers potential threats to your safety, and your reflection seen in the dark of night might be misconstrued as an intruder. You recognize such information on a subconscious level, and it disturbs your sleep. Place mirrors where you won’t see them from your bed or need to pass them when you visit the bathroom.

Other decorative items to aid serenity include plants and paintings. Prayer plants, peace lilies, and French lavender contribute to a relaxing atmosphere. When choosing art, opt for items that arouse harmony to create a stress-free mind.

Crystals like rose quartz and amethyst will help you relax. You can buy them in their natural shape or choose those fashioned into peaceful objects, like angels, doves, and waterlilies.

Using essential oils or aromatherapy diffusers, such as lavendar and ylang-ylang will add additional level of peacefulness.

Make your bedroom into a stress free haven to help you sleep well. Remove clutter and items that don’t evoke relaxation. Keep décor that soothes and calms you, and you can look forward to peaceful nights and sweet dreams.

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