How to Get Started with Art

how to create art

If the last piece of art work you created has your 3rd grade teachers name plastered on the back, it’s time to get started with art and create again.

You may have forgotten your elementary art basics or just don’t remember that amazing feeling of creating. Ugh, but going back to 1987 may be difficult. Let us realistically get started with art for a true beginner.

Art is not exclusive, it can be done by anyone, from the novice to the learned and talented. However, knowing where to start art can be a challenge. There’s a million different tutorials and starter books that makes choosing difficult. If you have an idea of what you’d like to create, check out my suggestions at the end of the article.

If you’re confused or clueless on how to begin art or begin creating, I have a plan for you on how to get started with art.

Please, don’t go out immediately and buy a bunch of art supplies, you may not ever use.  Read more below.


Grab a sheet of paper, it can be on it’s way to the recycling bin, just use the back. Find some crayons, (we know you have some stashed away somewhere). Now, just start scribbling. It may sound elementary, but just the motion alone will either ignite you or make you want to take a nap.

If the colors, smell or sensation give you zero spark, just quit! Seriously, do you really think I’d give that advice? No! Let’s just move on to something slightly more in depth.

Read me about coloring therapy here.


Grab another piece of paper and draw a square. Secondly, draw a large triangle sitting on top of the square. You just drew a house. I know it sounds silly, but drawing can intimidate newbies. Just by realizing you can draw in shapes, builds confidence.

After you draw the square and triangle (aka house), draw a long rectangle (aka tree) to the left of the house. Now imagine the sun is setting. The imaginary sun sits in the upper left hand of the page. Where would your shadows be? Start shading (lightly coloring with your pencil) the areas you think would have a shadow. We all have been outside and we know the shade is where the sun is not hitting.


If this is not giving you any pleasure, let’s move on to painting. For this you may have to buy materials. Please, if you’re just starting out with art or painting, you can buy a few small bottles of paint from the Dollar Tree. Spend $7.00 on one paper material of choice, a pack of brushes, 3 primary colors (yellow, red & blue) to mix any color, and white and black for tints or shades.

You can tear off a piece of aluminum foil from home or cover cardboard with plastic wrap to make your pallet. Use the same instructions above with the house, only you will be painting. Using one color, mix with white for the sun high lit areas and then with black shadows.

We have only scratched the surface of art mediums to pursue. First, give these basic art forms a try to further your understanding of beginners art.

Try a few more fun ways to create in this article.

If you’re feeling like you will never be a good artist, read this!

how to get started with art
How to get started with Art

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