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Why thinking ‘I’m not a good artist’ is Normal

There are a few factors that may leave you thinking, ‘I’m not a good artist’. At some point in our lives, every artist has these thoughts and it’s normal.  Let’s get into why,  shall we.

I’ve been doing art since I was a very little girl. I grew up in a very creative family. My grandparents loved ceramics and painting, so I naturally picked it up while I was around them. 

I started noticing how much people were commenting on my arts and crafts.  Maybe it was a mother’s love, or a grandmother trying to build me up.  Whatever the case may have been, I started to love art. 

As I got older and matured, (not quite emotionally) is when I experienced my first few.. uhmm… reactions. This was when the thought occurred to me, that I may not be a good artist. 

i'm not a good artist

So I set out trying a series of popular art. Of course I never sticking with more than one or two, when I realized that specific genre wasn’t for me.  I would equate that thinking to, I must not love it = it’s not that good anyway = I must not be a good artist.

I can bet your story is similar to mine. You can see my full story here. Our insecurities take over, and make us think, if everyone doesn’t love it, no one loves it, including ourselves. These persistent ideals can go as far as make you quit in the art world.

Sometimes we aren’t even aware these thoughts exist. Even if you’ve thought the most dreadful outcome doesn’t mean they are true and that something is wrong with your art.

Artist will struggle with this from time to time. It is normal, because we are human.  Don’t give into the destructive thoughts and don’t let it drag you down! You can read more about thoughts and how to create again here.

It can be also argued that these thoughts of amateur skills and inexperience can actually make you become better artist.  Knowing that there is room to grow, we can strive to be better artist and hone in on our style of art.  

On the other hand, we don’t want to create art just to please people and to prove that we are good artist. So, let’s keep a clear perspective on why we do art. 

Remember three simple things when you’re not feeling like a good artist: Art is freeing, not everyone will love your art and you are a good artist!   

abundance of creativity
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