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Create Dreamcatchers from Scratch

Dreamcatchers are very popular right now, especially with the Boho crowd.  The whimsy and soft angles make them an ideal decor piece for many backdrops including weddings, nurseries and teenage bedrooms.

The dreamcatcher has unclear exact origins, but they stem from Native Americans.  Created with willow bark and a web of fiber material with feathers hung at the base, the original dreamcatcher is spiritually designed to encourage good dreams, while catching the bad.

There and varying beliefs that you can read before you decide to make one. This post is for decor purposes only if creating dreamscatchers from scratch and upcycling material available to you.

Doily lace dreamcatcher

I’ve created a couple of different looks.  My favorite look is from vintage doilies spread onto embroidery hoops.  Wrapped with twine, make these beauties easy to create.

The other is another very simple creation made with beaded lace strung through a grapevine wreath to make the web.

Both types were made with lace or fabric strips hot glued in the back. Some included white and gold tipped feathers.

Most of the items collected to create the dreamcatchers were inexpensive.

The dollies can be found at antique stores, the wooden hoops and grapevine wreaths can be purchased at a craft store or can sometimes be bought at a thrift store.

With the exception of a few rolls, most of the ribbon and lace were bought at dollar stores.

Although making dreamcatchers from scratch sounds hard, it’s really as simple as using your imagination.

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