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Meditation Painting

I have just recently opened my world to meditation painting. I’ve been doing it unknowingly for many years. I would get so into abstract painting and the flow, that I would loose regard as to the outcome of the painting.

And that’s exactly what the healing powers of meditative art is, losing yourself, or letting go the conscious mind. Finding no judgement in what you’re painting or creating.

From the serious artist to the kid with Down Syndrome, this is a rejuvenating and self expressing form of art. Also see painting therapy here.

So how exactly do we get into meditation painting?

Start by relaxing the mind and breathe slowly. With each breath you can do a stroke with a paint brush. Music can be helpful in loosing up your wrist (foot, whatever, no judgement here).

If you’re the type of person that your mind races constantly, affirmations just may be what you need to start painting in meditation.

In this video you can paint with me. Listen to some relaxing music and affirmations I’ve added. Don’t feel like you have to say or paint exactly what I paint.

Remember that frequent practice in meditation painting will bring more focus and allow you to let go of any disrupting thoughts.

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