Create Again

Olga from Smart Art Materials

I love like minded artist! One of my many fellow creatives that I aspire to is Olga Soby from Smart Art Materials.

I started following Olga on YouTube. She’s a great influencer in the acrylic pouring industry. Olga has quite the following and you can see why here.

Her incredible paintings are what first piqued my interest, but then I discovered how approachable and helpful she is, so I have become a true follower.

From her website to her YouTube channel, she helps all of her inquires and subscribers by responding to their questions. Not to mention you can join her Facebook group here:

She has an online library of tips and tutorials in acrylic medium. She has got the bases covered for a foundation in this post; acrylic painting for beginners. The website also includes topics like Acrylic Pour Painting – Tips and Tricks You Need to Know.

Her desire to help is what makes her a true leader. In her own words, “I want to help everyone to build a solid foundation of necessary knowledge about acrylic painting and pouring supplies and materials.” But my favorite quote is her belief that there is a “creative spark in every single one of us”.

That rings true on so many levels. In order to create, we don’t have to have an art background or have a studious fine art degree. Just like Olga, you can educate yourself along the way.

Lucky for you, she’s done all of the homework and has layed it all out for you, so you can avoid her mistakes. Find out more about Olga here.