Re-evaluating Productivity: 9 Personal Enrichment Habits That Reap Big Rewards

In today’s results-oriented society, getting things done is a top priority. But what many people don’t realize about productivity may come as a surprise: it’s not all work. In fact, some of the best ways you can be productive and feel rewarded have nothing to do with effort and output and everything to do with fulfillment.  

Don’t let work and mundane tasks overshadow personal goals that add value and purpose to your life. We are re-evaluating productivity. 

These 9 personal enrichment habits that reap big rewards, won’t just give you a sense of accomplishment; they’ll improve your life and make you rethink how you view productivity–for the better.

Rest and Relax

Think resting is a waste of time? Think again. Research suggests that spending time sitting or lying quietly doing nothing is essential for relaxing and strengthening the muscles and organs. Sleep can do even more good, from boosting brain function to healing body aches to helping you maintain a healthy weight. But the best part about rest may be that it’ll make you more productive when you do work.

Cultivate Your Spirituality

Setting aside time to nourish your inner spirit does wonders for growth and happiness. Studies have shown that people who have a spiritual life tend to be more optimistic, gracious, and compassionate. Not only that, spiritual people are more apt to live fulfilling, productive lives. You don’t have to be a church-goer to be spiritual, either; get connected to any higher power, including nature.

Tap into Fun

Whether you enjoy playing games, picnicking in the park, or taking a bike ride, don’t hesitate to tap into your fun side. It’s a productive way to release endorphins that make you happier, less anxious, and pain-free. Plus, having fun can help you get things done by increasing motivation, improving your energy and stamina, sharpening your concentration, and facilitating problem-solving.

fun build relationships

Build Relationships

Who says hanging out isn’t a good use of time? Interacting with friends, family, co-workers, or even your pet, say experts, relieves stress, boosts confidence, improves mood and brain health, and encourages longevity. If you want to be a healthy, well-rounded person–and a more productive one–get in the habit of devoting time to building and improving relationships.

Nurture the Body

Taking care of your body will bring big rewards in terms of your health, energy level, comfort, and peace of mind. There are plenty of ways to do it, too. Daily exercise, massage, consuming nutritious foods, staying hydrated, and protecting your skin all help keep your body in top shape and improve your well-being–which, in turn, will enhance productivity in other areas of your life.

Take Time to Eat

Many people eat on the run to save time and pack more activity into their day. But doing so can have a negative effect on digestion, weight, and blood pressure. Sitting down for 30 minutes to enjoy a meal, on the other hand, allows your food to digest properly, promotes healthy eating, and gives you the opportunity to engage and converse with meal companions–all productive uses of time.

Foster Your Gifts

Have a knack for writing? How about cooking or assisting the elderly? Spending time using and honing your unique abilities can expand the mind, build self-esteem, cultivate joy, and bolster health and wellness. It’s also a great way to find more meaning and direction in your life. Discover your inner gifts and see how fostering them can make you a more positive, productive person.

Mind the Budget

People often put together a budget and then forget about it, which can quickly uproot a constructive, successful lifestyle. Minding a budget is a habit takes little time and gives you security and a comfortable set of financial guidelines to live within. You’ll also be more productive with other tasks and duties since money troubles won’t weigh you down with worry or cause setbacks and disruptions.

Set a sleep schedule

Sleep is often put on the back burner for a couple extra hours of productivity.  More over, if done often enough, it will back fire and quickly cause fogginess and forgetfulness.

See how you can create a sleep sanctuary here.

Getting things done may be the principle that drives your life, but don’t overlook what really matters when it comes to productivity. Put time into personal enrichment; it’ll be one of the most rewarding things you do.


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