Creating a Scare Crow (scarecrow)

Creating a Scare Crow (scarecrow) was a super fun project that will ultimately raise money for the schools in our area. If marketing tactics could be this fun, I’d do it as often as possible. I did spend a little in materials and quite a bit of time, so hopefully it will pay off.

I may not gain any customers, but hopefully some awareness of my love of painting and creating.

I’ve created quick video to show you a few inns and outs of the process of making the scarecrow.

Duct tape, E6000 glue, syrofoam glue, spray sealer, heavy duty stapler, and screws, were the most used products.

Other things I used:

wooden stand made from extra wood planks from my garden project, upcycled baby pool, styrofoam head/bust, shower curtain, hangers, packing peanuts, industrial garbage bags, and rope.

I spent the most money on the crow masks, shower curtain, head, paint and glue. A lot of it, I already had on hand from other DIY projects.

I spent the most time painting the crow wings, and gluing down the crow feathers.

If you’d like to hear more about my Scare Crow on Fire, leave me a comment on the YouTube video page.

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