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Stress Relief with Painting Therapy

Painting therapy is one of the safest and cheapest ways to relieve stress on your own. No therapist office today, just you and some art materials for a quick release.

Hopefully in trying this method of painting will help to relieve stress. This type of painting is similar to intuitive painting that is a process of art therapy.

You’re not looking for the outcome or the finished painting because the therapy is in the process.

Also see painting meditation painting here.

First things first… KISS ~ Keep It Simple Soulbeing. Painting therapy is intended to be helpful, not stress you out!

Choose your paint colors based off of how you feel or how you’d like to feel. You can use any color, or tones of one color.

Progressively change methods of painting based on the last color you use. Also see color therapy.

Layer your colors, using dark then lighten it up with brighter colors.

Use as many different materials as you’d like. You can use paintbrushes, sponges, and stencils. Using stencils in the paint world is like coloring in a coloring book. You don’t have to think too much, just fill in the spaces.

Doodle a bit with the paint using paint brush or stirers, plastic spoons and even wrapping.

Try using using your fingers and hands. Finger painting will connect you physically, creatively and emotionally. Therefore realeasing any tension or stress right onto the page.

You are not making the next VanGogh, you are painting for the process alone. When you are finished, it may just suprise you how much stress has been lifted. I’ve witnessed it time and time again.

So next time you’re feeling overwhelmed, find some time to create. Painting therapy is unbelievably therapeutic in and will ultimately relieve stress.

stress relief with painting therapy by heather christian iglesias

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