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Superhero Girls Inspiration for Room Makeover

I’ve just completed my daughters room by giving it a much needed update. My central focus and inspiration came from these adorable superhero girls drawings I fell in love with while trolling Amazon.

Superhero girls

When she was a baby, I was determined that she wasn’t going to be a “pinkalicious” girl. I colored everything is her little world purple and teal. But much to my dismay she developed a pink crush.

So here we are a couple of years into the change and I’ve finally transformed all of the purples into to pinks.

The dressers were painted a couple of years ago, during the beginning transformation stage. It happens to work well now with keeping some balance and not pink heavy.

The superhero girl prints were put into frames that were bought from Dollar Tree. Half were spray painted dark pink. I used that same spray paint for a letter, wall boxes, and a jewelry hand decor.

Also the rose wall decals, and the hello world decal we both bought at Dollar Tree as well.

To get the look for some of the pieces in her room, you can find them below. These are affiliate links, when you click on these and buy something, I get a tiny fraction, which eventually may help pay for this blog.

Superhero prints



Unicorn marquee light

That’s for watching!