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Create Again

The New Me ~ In progress

Several of my blog post like this one, I speak of my personal journey. They hone in on the past. The truth is, the journey is now, being present and aware. One of my goals will always be in progress. Since I’m goal oriented, I like a payoff.

I now take the time for myself to observe my internal conflicts. Self reflection helps me to understand what drains my energy. Moving beyond emotional and unbalanced thoughts has made an enormous change in my life.

One very big obstacle for me is connecting with people on a deeper level and not superficial. I often feel compelled to talk in a way that makes them feel better. You know complain with them, so that we are more alike, and they don’t feel alone, and heck, I don’t feel alone.

I end up falling down the rabbit hole and spouting of a dozen limited beliefs. Here are several of my go-to statements I loathe as soon as they come out of my mouth: I have to, should do, it never fails.., oh because I.., Ofcourse it will.., that’s crazy, only me, i hate that, etc.

So many of these statements are normal, because most of us do the same thing. However, these statements aren’t so healthy. They lead to guilt and shame, and most of all rob us of the energy we could use for the real things that bring us joy. Real joy in the moment.

I am raising my vibration field. I am learning to speak kinder, listen more fully, breathe more deeply and love more affectionately.

Above all, love myself and connect to this soul inside of me. Remember who I am, not what I’ve achieved. Learn what drags me into a lower energy field and what raises my vibration.

Some tools that have helped me on my journey can be found here. Also this year I learned to be a Psych-K Facilitator. I has helped me renew my spirituality. Contact me to find out more about balancing your brain and speaking to your subconscious.