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Create Again

The ‘Power Spell’ Painting

What does one do, when they finally get back to doing what they love? They immediately start thinking of others.  I write that kind-of jokingly.  I’m back at creating and thoroughly enjoying myself in the process.

My 12 year old son, thankfully, knew what he wanted and gave me the idea for this piece, the ‘Power Spell’ painting.  It has the acrylic poured background, and the unique sword that I painted on top.  The two varying parts came together nicely.

Power spell create again fluid painting

It is one that I’m pretty proud of because it’s the complete look that I’m going for in creating my new love of painting. I love creating very open concepts and abstracts.  However, I’m pretty rigid and like precision when painting objects. Hopefully this is just the combination I’ve been desiring.

You can see my YouTube channel where I’ve been documenting my creations.  The videos are certainly a progression, and I feel I’m getting better at the acrylic pours.  It’s not as easy as it may first appear and there is certainly a learning curve to fluid painting, which I’m finding I love!

I’ve always loved drawing and painting, but the difference now, is that I am making time to do it!

Check out how I created that one here.