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Create Again

If you’ve known me for a while, you know I am a big advocate of upcycled decor and upcycling in general. For years it was kind of a personal upcycle passion pledge. Although its still in my heart, I don’t feel the need to push it upon people. But, I’ll never give up the bringing life back into furniture and home decor.

I’ve even written two ebooks on the subject that are no longer in circulation. I also still have an active Pinterest account devoted to the subject. On my old website, I wrote over 100 blog posts on upcycling, including furniture and decor. Sadly most of the articles died, along with the blog.

Nonetheless, I know the value of saving landfills. Eventually we are going to be living over them. Also please tell me if you can relate.. there’s something about wood from trees and seeing furniture being seen thrown in the garbage, that really disturbs me.

Here’s a few of my upcycled furniture decor pieces I saved or rescued while on my Viral Upcycle blog.

There’s several pictures that got lost from then, but this gives you an idea my love for furniture and decor.

I added more than repurposed furniture and a few more little upcycled projects, JUST because they were super adorable!

Unfortunately I closed my VU site and all of the blog post went to the way side. Admittedly I let good information and blog post die. However, there are a lot of other really great upcycled sites to follow including furniture repurposing. Here’s my favorite, one of my blogging buddies back in the day and she was in Virginia too, Christy from Confessions of a Serial DIYer. Fabulous DIY decor and furniture.

Try to upcycle furniture when you can, it really does help save landfills.

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